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Martin was released from prison a few weeks earlier but he was not coping well. At 61, he lived on his own and struggled to live off his Universal Credit. After speaking with his probation officer and explaining how hard he was finding things, they referred him to The Welcome Centre for support.

Martin came to collect his food pack but couldn’t carry all the items, so our Advice Guidance and Support volunteer intervened and arranged for Paul, our driver, to deliver the food pack to his home later that day. Martin made his way home so that he would be there when it arrived. When Paul arrived at the property, he noticed that the house was in darkness.

I had no electric so couldn’t switch the lights on, heat my house or charge my phone.

As his phone couldn’t be charged, Martin had been unable to contact his housing support worker or probation officer to explain what had been happening.

Paul contacted the Welcome Centre office and explained Martin’s situation to the AGS team. Martin agreed he needed more support and came back to The Welcome Centre so that we could help with a plan of action.

Martin charged his phone at The Welcome Centre and we issued him with a Sim Card with 6 months’ free calls, texts and 20GB of data as part of our digital inclusion programme. The AGS team completed a grant application, which meant a few days later we could add a £75 top-up to Martin’s electric metre.

The Welcome Centre contacted Martin’s housing support worker and probation officer. Together they organised a home visit to discuss Martin’s current situation.

Through the joint work of Paul (Welcome Centre driver) and our AGS team, Martin now has a working phone, electricity and has applied for a bed and bedding.

I’ve asked for more support with my benefits and have got a budgeting appointment to look at what else I can do. 
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